Guatemala Tour - visit Tikal, Guatemala

Guatemala Packages – Climb ancient Mayan pyramids in Tikal and Copan and travel the highlands of Guatemala where you'll explore colorful Mayan villages on spectacular Lake Atitlan and shop the exotic native market in Chichicastenango.

Guatemala Tour | Tikal, Guatemala


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Guatemala map of the Mayan world.
Guatemala Packages
One Week Guatemala Tour
  • 8 days/7 nights – Visit Tikal, Antigua, Chichicastenango and Lake Atitlan.
  • Only $879 p/p
Tikal Tour

Also, take a look at our Budget Tour @ $495p/p dbl. occ.

Tikal is Guatemala's finest national park Tikal is simply awesome!

The Ancient Maya

The Modern Maya

For millennia the Maya lived in what is now the lowlands of Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and Honduras.

For reasons still not full understood, around 900 AD their society collapsed and cities abandoned.

While their social structure disappeared, the Mayans did not.

The Ancient Maya

To this day millions of Mayans live in southern Mexico and Guatemala, however it is in the highlands of Guatemala where the greatest number of Mayans live.

There most Mayans speak one of 21 Mayan languages and live an essentially traditional way of life.

The Modern Maya
The Ancient Maya of Guatemala The Modern Maya of Guatemala