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A slide show of Antigua, Guatemala

A Slide Show of Antigua, Guatemala

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Visit Lake Atitlan, Antigua and other Mayan villages in the highlands of Guatemala

Like an elegant old lady dressed to the nines, time has erased the silky splendor of youth from Antigua – but there remains a confident demeanor and dignity that only comes with age, good genes and great taste.

Over the years the town has certainly seen more than its fair share of wear and tear. It is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by volcanos – some active. However earthquakes have repeatedly ravaged the area.

Four or five centuries ago Antigua must have been something to see. Spain and The Church spent no small portion of their New World wealth on places like Antigua – and all these years later it shows. Hard as those years have been, they have given Antigua a depth of character and carriage it never could have enjoyed in it's youth.

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